September Magic League

magic_the_gathering_mana_wallpaper_by_amphetamine_ashley-d6l0g9d (1)

We are starting a Modern format Magic League. $5 entry. Register at the front counter. You may play any other member of the league during store hours and may play the same person a maximum of twice per day. Standard 3 match games.

You will receive 1 League point for each game played and 1 League point for each game won. All games must be reported to and recorded at the front counter. When you accumulate 10 points, you receive a promo card, when you accumulate 20 points, you receive a booster pack and receive 1 more booster pack for each additional 20 points earned. DCI Tournaments do not count for League play and games played after 6 p.m. Friday do not count. League Starts Labor Day and ends September 30

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