Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is this Saturday. While quantities last, come in and get one free RPG item from our selection. Want more? Get 1 more if you have a Preferred Customer card.  Get one additional item for each stamp you earn on your Castle Card that day, 2 items for each $25 you spend on RPG books or supplements (not dice) and 1 for each 5 cans of usable food you bring in for the Good Samaritan Food Pantry and/or 5 pounds of newspaper for the Humane Society of Southern Illinois. Yes, items stack so spending $25 on a RPG module would get you 4 items, 2 for the RPG and 2 for the Castle Card stamps. You cannot take multiples of the same item.

We will have homemade cupcakes, cookies and other snacks for your dining pleasure as well.

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