Rick and Morty Munchkin

Given the demand for all things Rick and Morty (no seriously, Rick and Morty themed games were among the most popular ones we stocked this past Christmas) we are happy to announce that Rick and Morty Munchkin is back in stock and, while quantities last, get a  free Rick and Morty Munchkin bookmark with every copy.

Ixalan Store Championship

Ixalan Store Championship is today at 4 p.m.  Standard format and $5 entry fee. All players receive a promo card and top 8 will receive a deckbox. 1 prize pack per round 1. Play at the top of the standings after 3 rounds will receive the playmat, unless someone, per DCI rules, wants to play off for it. No additional packs will be given out for any wins after 3 rounds, players are solely playing to win the mat. Tournament will be cancelled if there are fewer than 8 players.