In Store Customer Services

Game Room: Castle Perilous is pleased to announce that we are offering expanded Game Room hours. The Castle Perilous Game Room will be open until 9 p.m. most nights.. If you would like to schedule a game on one of these nights just let us know.

Sodas and Snacks: As always, Castle Perilous offers a well stocked fridge full of Soda for $0.75 along with candy bars, jerky, chips, Ramen noodles, Pocky and Ramune for modest costs.

Search Service: We offer a search service for out of print games, single cards, toys and comics. Ask for details at the counter.

Comic Pull & Hold: We offer a pull and hold service for new comics. You can fill out a pull and hold form at the store and we will start holding your comics 1-2 months after we receive the form. All comics on your form get free bags and boards and holds on 10 ongoing series gets you a free copy of Previews each month. You can cancel a hold at anytime but are expected to get the following 2 issues after the cancel notice.

Games for Rent: Google spreadsheet of the games we have for rent

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