Meet the Staff

staff gary Gary has worked at the store the longest, well except for Scott, while Greymalkin the cat only works here a few days a month. Gary started working Sundays at the store a few years after we opened and has worked Sundays steadily since then and he recently started running D&D Encounters on Wednesday evening. Gary started playing D&D with 1st Edition and still considers it his favorite, though he played 2nd 3rd and 5th. He is also an avid boardgamer and can demo many of the boardgames in the game library, with Catan a special favorite.

staff carolineCaroline has worked at the store for several years, typically evenings and weekends. As you can probably tell from the window, she is a big Pokemon fan and runs our Pokemon leagues on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoon. Also a Magic player, she will gladly explain the rules to either game or teach Pokemon during the Monday and Saturday sessions. She also knows many of the boardgames in the game library and especially likes the Looney Labs line of games, which includes Fluxx, Loonacy and Just Deserts.

staff juliaJulia is the newest member of the staff and you will most likely catch her here on Saturday during the day, working in the comic room and graphic novel area or cleaning up around the store. Julia is a big fan of the Marvel movies and is slowly learning more about the comics on which they are based. She is also the reason our comic bins and graphic novel sections are so well organized, as she spends hours each weekend going through them.

BrandonBrandon has worked for several years now but has cut back his staff time in recent years , usually working behind the counter on Wednesday and running a table of D&D Encounters on Wednesday nights. Brandon is an avid roleplayer with Dungeons & Dragons, especially 2nd edition, a favorite. He also enjoys running games in the horror genre, with Call of Cthulhu and Chill favored systems. Brandon is also pretty knowledgeable about Magic and assembles most of the store’s pre-made decks.

staff jamesJames has worked at the store since 2014 and is the go to guy for most miniatures games. He is expert in the area of Warhammer 40,000 and very knowledgeable regarding Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine, Hordes, Battletech and Malifaux and pretty much any other miniatures game, with the possible exception of Creepy Freaks. James also has a very good knowledge of Magic and spends hours organizing the store binders.

staff brianBrian has worked as the store manager for over a decade and is the staff member you will most likely encounter during the week. While Brian has played Magic and Pokemon and is still knowledgeable about the cards and rules, he is probably the store’s most informed staff member regarding comics, especially Marvel and independent titles with Saga, Empowered and Scarlett among his favorites.

staff scottScott owns Castle Perilous Games & Books and has since 1990. An avid role-player, he started the store with severance money from his time with Wal-mart and, after moving to Carbondale, found the town did not have a gaming store. Over the years, he has seen the store’s focus shift from RPGs to TCGs to Boardgames with the addition of miniatures and comics along the way but he still finds time to run a D&D game every week in one of the store’s game rooms.

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