Preferred Customer Benefit

We have added a couple of new benefits to the Preferred Customer Card.
1) You receive 1 FREE rental per month of any rentable game in the game library.

2) Although you still have to pay the rental fee, we will not ask for a cash or credit card deposit when you rent a game. Just show us your Preferred Customer card and we will note that on the sheet. You will still be charged late fees for bringing the game back late and refusing to pay those will cause you to lose Preferred Customer status.

Fireside Games coming to Castle Perilous October 7th!

Fireside Games Smash and Burn Tour

Fireside Games coming to Castle Perilous October 7th.

Posted by Castle Perilous Games & Books on Monday, September 4, 2017

Mountains of Madness

As part of Iello Games’ Elite Retailer program, we received 6 copies of the Mountains of Madness co-operative board game 6 weeks earlier than its scheduled release date. This game looks as if it should retail for $49.99 or even $59.99 but retail is only $39.99. Players work together to scale a mountain in Antarctica, seize the relics found there and escape with their remaining sanity. We only received 6 copies of the game and once they sell out, that is it until early to mid-October. At $39. this is a great game at a great price.

New Arrivials

New Releases today and tomorrow. Since we are a Konami Official Tournament Store, we can put the new Yu Gi Oh Tins out for sale today. We have 3 of each tin in stock. The new Magic 2017 Commander Decks will go on sale tomorrow. A case of 4 decks  is $159.99. The Feline Ferocity deck is $39.99 while the other three decks are $49.99 each. We only received 4 sets of these and expect them to sell quickly.

Comic Creators Wanted

Do you live in the southern Illinois region (you can define what that is) and produce a print comic? If so, we would be interested in carrying your comic in the store. Over Eclipse Weekend we had several requests for comics produced by local creators indicating this is a niche that could be filled. We are primarily interested in all-ages and PG material but will look at R rated books as long as  they are clearly marked as such on the cover.