Carbondale Eclipse Cards Against Humanity Card

Most of our customers are familiar with the Cards Against Humanity game and have heard of the upcoming Great American Eclipse, which is passing right over Carbondale Illinois. So we decided to combine the two and now you can pick up your own Carbondale Eclipse CAH card free here at the store. Don’t live close by? Just ask us to toss one in with your next order from our eBay Store

Carbondale El Greco

The downtown construction has really affected Carbondale landmark El Greco. This post has been circulating through social media:

Ok folks How much do you  El Greco!? I am asking for your help. Come in this month and help us stay afloat! We are looking at not making payroll. We are down more than 50% from previous years. There is construction out front ( that has likely really hurt us) but you can still get to the parking lot behind El Greco from the front or back. Ethen is there and would love to see you!

Through July 31, bring in a receipt showing you spent $10 or more at El Greco (not including tax) we will take off the dollar amount as a percentage from your purchase, maximum 25%. So spend $12.42, bring in the receipt and get 12% off your purchase of in stock merchandise.

Hour of Devastation Pre-release

Hour of Desolation pre-releases take place this weekend at midnight and 2 p.m. Saturday and 12:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. (or whenever the 12:30 tournament ends, whichever comes later). We only have a handful, about a dozen or so, seats left for the weekend so if you want to secure a set, you can still claim one for $30.

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is this Saturday. While quantities last, come in and get one free RPG item from our selection. Want more? Get 1 more if you have a Preferred Customer card.  Get one additional item for each stamp you earn on your Castle Card that day, 2 items for each $25 you spend on RPG books or supplements (not dice) and 1 for each 5 cans of usable food you bring in for the Good Samaritan Food Pantry and/or 5 pounds of newspaper for the Humane Society of Southern Illinois. Yes, items stack so spending $25 on a RPG module would get you 4 items, 2 for the RPG and 2 for the Castle Card stamps. You cannot take multiples of the same item.

We will have homemade cupcakes, cookies and other snacks for your dining pleasure as well.