Zendikar Lands

If you are looking to pick up some of the full art Zendikar lands, we still have Plains, Swamps and Islands. We sold out of Forests and Mountains over the weekend and have only a limited quantity of the others left.

Comics Delayed

Due to the snow and ice, our comics shipment has been delayed. According to UPS tracking, it shipped out to Earth City MO earlier this week, then went back to Memphis and left Memphis again today. We hope to see them Friday.

Spring Break Camp Castle

Due to demand, we are running a spring break edition of Camp Castle from March 10-14, with Pathfinder RPG running on MWF and Magic:  The Gathering/Kaijudo on Tuesday and Thursday.  If you want to attend, it is important that you pre-register.  Currently, we plan to cap Pathfinder at 7 players.  However, if more than 7 players pre-register, we will get a second judge and run two tables. We cannot do that, though, if we do not know you plan to come.  So pre-register and make certain you do not get left out.  You can download a pre-registration form from the website or pick one up at the store.