Haunted Carbondale Tours

It is that time of year for the Haunted Carbondale Walking tours. Instead of setting specific times for them, you can schedule a tour for any night except Wednesday for a minimum of 4 people, cost $10 per person. We will also offer scheduled tours at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, and Thursday nights and at 9 p.m.. on Halloween, These scheduled tours will take place if we have a minimum of 4 people. The tour is outside so dress for the weather, but is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, except if we arrange to tour the inside of Hundley House.

Game Library

We are working on posting up a listing of the games in the store game library into Google Docs. These are games you can play here or rent to take home for a week. So far we have a number of our Red and Blue games listed. These are light to heavy strategy games that take either less than an hour (Blue Games) or more than an hour (Red Games) to play. The list does not show if a game is currently rented or not. You will need to email us at castleperilousgames@gmail.com to inquire if a game listed in the library is out.

Munchkin Shakespeare

Steve Jackson Games did not feel the market would support a Munchkin Shakespeare game so the company decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to produce it. There is only one production run of the game so we decided to back the campaign in order to bring it to you. We brought in 14 copies of the basic game and 12 copies of the expansion set with all of the campaign add-ons and, according to Steve Jackson Games, once we sell out of them, that is it. The game is on sale today so get your copy before it “exits, pursued by a bear”.