Haunted Carbondale

Self Guided Tour of Haunted Carbondale, courtesy of Castle Perilous Games and Books and Big Muddy Tours. Visiting the sites on the tour should take about 1 hour. With the exception of Woodlawn Cemetery, all of these sites are businesses or private property, so it is best to view them from the sidewalk:

Start at the Old Carbondale Train Depot (currently housing the offices for Carbondale Main Street and Chamber of Commerce, as well as the SIUC Design Center), located on the Carbondale Town Square:   Ghosts and sounds of travelers from  the 1890’s can sometimes be experienced here.

Cross South Illinois to Sound Core: Building used to be a funeral home in the late 1800’s. Haunted by the mischievous ghost of the funeral home owner.

Proceed south half a block and turn right onto West Marion St. Walk west on West Marion  1 and 1/2 blocks to the Carbondale Public Library:  The Library stands on the grounds of the old Brush School, named for one of the founders of Carbondale, who died on the grounds while helping to clear the property for the school. Library patrons have reported books flying off the shelves and others have reported the figure of an older man dressed in attire of the 1890s walking the grounds.

Continue west on Marion to S. Poplar. Turn north on S. Poplar to West Main. Turn left on West Main one block to the corner of West Main and South Maple, where stands the Hundley House: site of the murder of former Carbondale mayor and his wife. Ghost Lab from A&E TV investigated this site.

Turn around and head back on West Main towards the Carbondale Town Square. Across the street to your left is the Memorial Hospital complex:  Visitors and patients have reported the spirit of one of the early hospital volunteers wandering the halls.

Continue east on West Main. At the corner of  Main and University stands the old Carbondale Post Office building, now home to DCI Biologicals: The ghost of a lady in white can sometimes be seen floating around the lobby.Though a knife was found in the building some years ago, there is no death associated with the building.

End your tour of Haunted Carbondale back at the Town Square. If you feel like walking some more, continue east on Main 2 1/2 blocks to Woodlawn Cemetery:  Lights have been reported floating around the cemetery and and empty sarcophagus sits near its center. Why and for whom it was built, no one knows for sure.

If this self-guided tour has whetted your interest for more history and hauntings of Carbondale, Big Muddy Tours offers the Haunted History Walking Tour of Carbondale, every Friday and Saturday night during the month of October. This one mile, two hour tour leaves Castle Perilous Games & Books at 8 p.m. and will take you to sites of unsolved (and some solved) murders, site of strange death, haunted buildings and houses. $15 per person. Call or stop by  the store to make reservations or email littleegyptghostsociety@yahoo.com.

Join our tour guides as they guide you through the history, mystery and hauntings of Carbondale, IL. You will be chilled and thrilled with the following tales and more. Not for the faint of heart.

*Learn  how to photograph and record spirits and ghosts.  

* Learn what paranormal authorities say about the Carbondale Anomaly Corridor

* The ICRR Death Vortex

* Hauntings and strange happenings at the Old Carbondale Train Depot

* Spooky stories from DCI Biologicals

* Did fate play a part in the strange death of Carbondale’s founder?

* The Hundley House murders and hauntings

* The TV crew that discovered that hauntings are real

* Murder and strange deaths on Oak Street

* The Mystery Sarcophagus of Woodlawn Cemetery

* The first Presidential order of the Civil War and the Big Muddy Bridge

* Oakland Cemetery hauntings

* Shryock Auditorium and S.I. U. hauntings

* Mysterious happenings at Sunset Haven

* And many other spine tingling stories. Take a walk on the dark side of Carbondale with Big Muddy Tours every weekend in October.

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