We received 3 copies of the Charterstone Legacy style game this week. This is a boardgame that you customize over 12 different play sessions and are left at the end with a one of a kind worker placement game that still has lots of replayablity. This game has been selling out at stores and online nationwide so come in a get a copy before we sell out.

Game Library

We are working on posting up a listing of the games in the store game library into Google Docs. These are games you can play here or rent to take home for a week. So far we have a number of our Red and Blue games listed. These are light to heavy strategy games that take either less than an hour (Blue Games) or more than an hour (Red Games) to play. The list does not show if a game is currently rented or not. You will need to email us at to inquire if a game listed in the library is out.

Mountains of Madness

As part of Iello Games’ Elite Retailer program, we received 6 copies of the Mountains of Madness co-operative board game 6 weeks earlier than its scheduled release date. This game looks as if it should retail for $49.99 or even $59.99 but retail is only $39.99. Players work together to scale a mountain in Antarctica, seize the relics found there and escape with their remaining sanity. We only received 6 copies of the game and once they sell out, that is it until early to mid-October. At $39. this is a great game at a great price.