Rising Sun from CMON

Rising Sun and expansions just arrived from CMON. $99.99 for the core game, $59.99 for the Daiymo expansion and $29.99 for the Monster and Kami Unbound packs. This will not go on sale through Amazon until the end of May. We have 5 of the main game and 6 of each expansion in stock now. Once any of them sell out, we won’t be able to restock until May.

Rick and Morty Munchkin

Given the demand for all things Rick and Morty (no seriously, Rick and Morty themed games were among the most popular ones we stocked this past Christmas) we are happy to announce that Rick and Morty Munchkin is back in stock and, while quantities last, get a  free Rick and Morty Munchkin bookmark with every copy.


We received 3 copies of the Charterstone Legacy style game this week. This is a boardgame that you customize over 12 different play sessions and are left at the end with a one of a kind worker placement game that still has lots of replayablity. This game has been selling out at stores and online nationwide so come in a get a copy before we sell out.