New Arrivials

New Releases today and tomorrow. Since we are a Konami Official Tournament Store, we can put the new Yu Gi Oh Tins out for sale today. We have 3 of each tin in stock. The new Magic 2017 Commander Decks will go on sale tomorrow. A case of 4 decks  is $159.99. The Feline Ferocity deck is $39.99 while the other three decks are $49.99 each. We only received 4 sets of these and expect them to sell quickly.

Yu Gi Oh World Championship Celebration

The Yu Gi Oh World Championship Celebration will take place this Saturday at noon. The first 16 participants will receive limited edition World Championship promo items:  record sheets, pens and lanyards. $10 entry fee. Each player will receive 2 participation packs and 1 pack for each round won. Depending on attendance, we will cut to top 2 or top for to play off for the mat. Please check the list posted in the game room for forbidden, limited and semi-limited cards.

Yu Gi Oh Sneak Peek and King of Tokyo

Two events coming up this weekend. On Saturday at noon, we will host a Sneak Peek for the new Yu Gi Oh set, Breakers of Shadow.  $20 gets you 5 booster packs, a promo card and entry into the tournament.

Then on Sunday at 1, we will host a free National Qualifier for King of Tokyo. This tournament is free, though we ask that you bring a copy of the game if you have one. The winner gets a seat at the King of Tokyo National Championship tournament at GenCon this August.