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Castle Perilous wants you to get the most out of gaming. Below are links to game companies and organizations that will help you find the game you want to play. Anything current can be ordered from any of the companies below, so if you see something there you like, remember Castle Perilous can get it for you quickly, at a discount, and probably with free shipping! See our Mail Order and Store Discount policies for details. Don’t forget to bookmark this page!

Game Companies: Role Playing Games

Game Companies: Paint & Supplies

Game Companies: Dice and Dice Games

Game Companies: Cards and Card Games

These companies make standard playing cards and card games that are designed
to be played with one deck or set of cards (so you only have to buy the game

Game Companies: Card and Board Games, Miniatures Rule Systems

Game Companies: Miniatures and Terrain

These are the companies that make miniature figurines for various games;
sometimes as playing pieces, sometimes as “representative” models of characters.
In most cases, the models are unfinished and collectable.

Game Companies: Collectable Card Games

These companies make collectable cards, card games where each player has his
own set of cards to play, or accessories for those games.

Gaming Organizations

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